Vila Algarve originates from Johannesburg, South Africa
In year 2000 the first Vila Algarve Restaurant was opened in Johannesburg, South Africa,
The family owned business with its Portuguese cuisine specialty drew popularity quickly, by 2006 three
branches of the restaurant were operating with great success in Johannesburg.
In 2013 a family decision was made to enter into new markets and introduce the Portuguese Cuisine
in the United States.
In 2014 Vila Algarve Restaurant opened its doors in Las Vegas, USA, brining over 14 years of expertise
to the spectacular city and its multicultural residents and tourists. All the dishes are unique and created in
Vila Algarve Restaurant and are kept a secret since its opening, The taste of the dishes Vila Algarve Restaurant has created is not able to be experienced anywhere else in the world. All the recipes are created by Chef Linden and Sous Chef Ross and the Owner Luby. Visit us for great fine dining experience and hospitality.
All the food is home-made and prepared to order.